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Osaka (Itami) airport, Japan (ITM) location:

Flights from Osaka (Itami):


Akita (AXT)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Amami (ASJ)JAL (Direct)
Aomori (AOJ)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Fukuoka (FUK)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Fukushima (FKS)ANA (Direct)
Hakodate (HKD)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Hanamaki (HNA)JAL (Direct)
Ishigaki (ISG)ANA (Direct)
Izumo (IZO)JAL (Direct)
Kagoshima (KOJ)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Kochi (KCZ)ANA (Direct)
Kumamoto (KMJ)Amakusa (Direct)
ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Matsuyama (MYJ)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Misawa (MSJ)JAL (Direct)
Miyazaki (KMI)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Nagasaki (NGS)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Narita, Tokyo (NRT)JAL (Direct)
New Chitose, Sapporo (CTS)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Niigata (KIJ)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Oita (OIT)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Oki (OKI)JAL (Direct)
Okinawa (OKA)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Sendai (SDJ)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Tanegashima (TNE)JAL (Direct)
Tokunoshima (TKN)JAL (Direct)
Tokyo (Haneda) (HND)ANA (Direct)
JAL (Direct)
Toyooka (TJH)JAL (Direct)
Yakushima (KUM)JAL (Direct)
Yamagata (GAJ)JAL (Direct)