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Belgaum airport, India (IXG) location:

Flights from Belgaum:


Ahmedabad (AMD)Alliance Air (Non-Direct)
Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
Bengaluru (BLR)IndiGo (Direct)
SpiceJet (Direct)
Cuddapah (CDP)TruJet (Direct)
Delhi (DEL)Alliance Air (Non-Direct)
SpiceJet (Direct)
Hyderabad (HYD)IndiGo (Direct)
SpiceJet (Direct)
TruJet (Direct)
Indore (IDR)Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
Jabalpur (JLR)SpiceJet (Non-Direct)
Jodhpur (JDH)Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
Mumbai (BOM)Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
SpiceJet (Direct)
Mysore (MYQ)TruJet (Direct)
Nasik (ISK)Alliance Air (Non-Direct)
Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
Pune (PNQ)Alliance Air (Direct)
Surat (STV)Ghodawat Enterprises (Direct)
Tirupati (TIR)TruJet (Direct)