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Yakutsk airport, Russia (YKS) location:

Flights from Yakutsk:


Anapa (AAQ)Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Barnaul (BAX)Yakutia (Direct)
Batagay (BQJ)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Belaya Gora (BGN)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Chersky (CYX)Yakutia (Direct)
Chita (HTA)IrAero (Direct)
Chokurdakh (CKH)Yakutia (Direct)
Deputatsky (DPT)Yakutia (Direct)
Domodedovo, Moscow (DME)Mirny Air Enterprise (Non-Direct)
Irkutsk (IKT)IrAero (Non-Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Khabarovsk (KHV)Yakutia (Direct)
Khonu (MQJ)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Kirensk (KCK)Angara Airlines (Direct)
Krasnodar (KRR)Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Krasnoyarsk (KJA)Yakutia (Direct)
Lensk (ULK)IrAero (Direct)
Polar Airlines (Direct)
Mineralnye Vody (MRV)Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Mirny (MJZ)Mirny Air Enterprise (Direct)
Novosibirsk (OVB)Mirny Air Enterprise (Direct)
S7 Airlines (Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Nyurba (NYR)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Olenek (ONK)Yakutia (Direct)
Omsk (OMS)Yakutia (Direct)
Pevek (PWE)Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Polyarny (PYJ)Yakutia (Direct)
Saint Petersburg (LED)Ural Airlines (Non-Direct)
Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Sakkyryr (SUK)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Saskylakh (SYS)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Srednekolymsk (SEK)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Suntar (SUY)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Tiksi (IKS)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Ulan-Ude (UUD)IrAero (Direct)
Ust-Kuyga (UKG)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Ust-Maya (UMS)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Ust-Nera (USR)Yakutia (Direct)
Verkhnevilyuysk (VHV)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Vladivostok (VVO)Yakutia (Direct)
Vnukovo, Moscow (VKO)Yakutia (Non-Direct)
Yekaterinburg (SVX)Ural Airlines (Direct)
Yakutia (Direct)
Zhigansk (ZIX)Polar Airlines (Direct)
Zyryanka (ZKP)Polar Airlines (Direct)


Simferopol (SIP)Yakutia (Non-Direct)