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Fairbanks airport, United States (FAI) location:

Flights from Fairbanks:


Frankfurt (FRA)Condor Flugdienst (Direct)

United States

Allakaket, AK (AET)Wright Air (Direct)
Anaktuvuk Pass, AK (AKP)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Wright Air (Direct)
Anchorage, AK (ANC)Alaska Airlines (Direct)
Arctic Village, AK (ARC)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Barter Island, AK (BTI)Wright Air (Direct)
Beaver, AK (WBQ)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Bettles, AK (BTT)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Wright Air (Direct)
Birch Creek, AK (KBC)Wright Air (Direct)
Central, AK (CEM)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Chalkyitsik, AK (CIK)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Circle, AK (IRC)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Delta Junction, AK (DJN)40-Mile Air (Direct)
Fort Yukon, AK (FYU)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Wright Air (Direct)
Galena, AK (GAL)Wright Air (Direct)
Healy Lake, AK (HKB)40-Mile Air (Direct)
Hughes, AK (HUS)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Huslia, AK (HSL)Wright Air (Direct)
Kaltag, AK (KAL)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Koyukuk, AK (KYU)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Lake Minchumina, AK (LMA)Wright Air (Direct)
Manley Hot Springs, AK (MLY)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)Delta Air Lines (Direct)
Minto, AK (MNT)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Nulato, AK (NUL)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, AK (SCC)Wright Air (Non-Direct)
Rampart, AK (RMP)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Non-Direct)
Ruby, AK (RBY)Wright Air (Direct)
Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)Delta Air Lines (Direct)
Seattle-Tacoma, WA (SEA)Alaska Airlines (Direct)
Delta Air Lines (Direct)
Stevens Village, AK (SVS)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Tanana, AK (TAL)Warbelow's Air Ventures (Direct)
Wright Air (Direct)
Tok, AK (TKJ)40-Mile Air (Non-Direct)
Venetie, AK (VEE)Wright Air (Direct)