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34 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Calm Air International:

From Canada

Arviat (YEK)Churchill (YYQ)Directdetails
Arviat (YEK)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Baker Lake (YBK)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Chesterfield Inlet (YCS)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Churchill (YYQ)Arviat (YEK)Directdetails
Churchill (YYQ)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Coral Harbour (YZS)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Coral Harbour (YZS)Repulse Bay (YUT)Directdetails
Flin Flon (YFO)The Pas (YQD)Directdetails
Flin Flon (YFO)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Gillam (YGX)Thompson (YTH)Directdetails
Gillam (YGX)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Arviat (YEK)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Baker Lake (YBK)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Chesterfield Inlet (YCS)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Coral Harbour (YZS)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Repulse Bay (YUT)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Whale Cove (YXN)Directdetails
Rankin Inlet (YRT)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Repulse Bay (YUT)Coral Harbour (YZS)Directdetails
Repulse Bay (YUT)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Sanikiluaq (YSK)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
The Pas (YQD)Flin Flon (YFO)Directdetails
The Pas (YQD)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Thompson (YTH)Gillam (YGX)Directdetails
Thompson (YTH)Winnipeg (YWG)Directdetails
Whale Cove (YXN)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Churchill (YYQ)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Flin Flon (YFO)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Gillam (YGX)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Rankin Inlet (YRT)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Sanikiluaq (YSK)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)The Pas (YQD)Directdetails
Winnipeg (YWG)Thompson (YTH)Directdetails