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Belo Horizonte airport, Brazil (CNF) location:

Flights from Belo Horizonte:


Aracaju (AJU)Azul (Direct)
Barreiras (BRA)Azul (Direct)
Belem (BEL)Azul (Direct)
Brasilia (BSB)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
ITAPEMIRIM Transportes Aereos (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Cabo Frio (CFB)Azul (Direct)
Congonhas, Sao Paulo (CGH)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Cruz (JJD)Azul (Direct)
Cuiaba (CGB)Azul (Direct)
Curitiba (CWB)Azul (Direct)
Florianopolis (FLN)Azul (Direct)
Fortaleza (FOR)Azul (Direct)
Galeao-A.C. Jobim, Rio de Janeiro (GIG)Gol (Direct)
ITAPEMIRIM Transportes Aereos (Direct)
Goiania (GYN)Azul (Direct)
Governador Valadares (GVR)Azul (Direct)
Guarulhos, Sao Paulo (GRU)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
ITAPEMIRIM Transportes Aereos (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Ilha Comandatuba/Una (UNA)Azul (Direct)
Ilheus (IOS)Azul (Direct)
Joao Pessoa (JPA)Azul (Direct)
Jundiai (QDV)Azul (Direct)
Maceio (MCZ)Azul (Direct)
Maraba (MAB)Azul (Direct)
Montes Claros (MOC)Azul (Direct)
Natal (NAT)Azul (Direct)
Parauapebas (CKS)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
Porto Alegre (POA)Azul (Direct)
Porto Seguro (BPS)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Recife (REC)Azul (Direct)
Ribeirao Preto (RAO)Azul (Direct)
Salvador (SSA)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
ITAPEMIRIM Transportes Aereos (Non-Direct)
Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro (SDU)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Sao Jose do Rio Preto (SJP)Azul (Direct)
Sao Luis (SLZ)Azul (Direct)
Teixeira de Freitas (TXF)Azul (Direct)
Uberaba (UBA)Azul (Direct)
Uberlandia (UDI)Azul (Direct)
Viracopos-Campinas, Sao Paulo (VCP)Azul (Direct)
Vitoria (VIX)Azul (Direct)
Vitoria da Conquista (VDC)Azul (Direct)


Tocumen, Panama City (PTY)COPA (Direct)


Lisbon (LIS)TAP (Direct)

United States

Edward L. Logan, Boston, MA (BOS)Eastern Airlines (Direct)
John F. Kennedy, New York, NY (JFK)Eastern Airlines (Direct)
Miami, FL (MIA)Eastern Airlines (Direct)