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24 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Albawings:

From Albania

Tirana (TIA)Ancona (AOI)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Bari (BRI)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Bergamo/Orio al Serio, Milan (BGY)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Bologna (BLQ)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Florence (FLR)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Genoa (GOA)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Malpensa, Milan (MXP)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Marco Polo, Venice (VCE)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Perugia (PEG)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Pisa (PSA)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Stansted, London (STN)Directdetails
Tirana (TIA)Verona (VRN)Directdetails

From Italy

Ancona (AOI)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Bari (BRI)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Bergamo/Orio al Serio, Milan (BGY)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Bologna (BLQ)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Florence (FLR)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Genoa (GOA)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Malpensa, Milan (MXP)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Marco Polo, Venice (VCE)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Perugia (PEG)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Pisa (PSA)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails
Verona (VRN)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails

From United Kingdom

Stansted, London (STN)Tirana (TIA)Directdetails