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Xiangyang airport, China (XFN) location:

Flights from Xiangyang:


Beijing Capital (PEK)Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Changchun (CGQ)Loong Air (Direct)
Changsha (CSX)Joy Air (Direct)
Chongqing (CKG)China Express Airlines (Direct)
Dali (DLU)China Express Airlines (Non-Direct)
Daxing, Beijing (PKX)China United Airlines (Direct)
Foshan (FUO)China United Airlines (Direct)
Fuzhou (FOC)Fuzhou Airlines (Direct)
Urumqi Airlines (Direct)
Guangzhou (CAN)China Southern (Direct)
Loong Air (Direct)
Guiyang (KWE)Suparna Airlines (Direct)
Haikou (HAK)China Express Airlines (Non-Direct)
Loong Air (Direct)
Hangzhou (HGH)China Express Airlines (Direct)
Loong Air (Direct)
Harbin (HRB)Loong Air (Direct)
Hefei (HFE)West Air (Direct)
Hohhot (HET)China Express Airlines (Direct)
Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Hongqiao, Shanghai (SHA)Juneyao Airlines (Direct)
Huizhou (HUZ)Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Jinan (TNA)Suparna Airlines (Direct)
Kunming (KMG)Kunming Airlines (Direct)
Lanzhou (LHW)Jiangxi Air (Direct)
Nanchang (KHN)Jiangxi Air (Direct)
Nanjing (NKG)Kunming Airlines (Direct)
Nanning (NNG)Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (Direct)
Ningbo (NGB)Loong Air (Direct)
Pudong, Shanghai (PVG)Spring Airlines (Direct)
Qingdao (TAO)Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (Direct)
Quanzhou (JJN)China Express Airlines (Direct)
Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Sanya (SYX)Hainan Airlines (Direct)
Shangjie, Zhengzhou (HSJ)China General Aviation (Direct)
Shenyang (SHE)Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Shenzhen (SZX)Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)
Shuangliu, Chengdu (CTU)Loong Air (Direct)
Taiyuan (TYN)Fuzhou Airlines (Direct)
Tianjin (TSN)Hainan Airlines (Direct)
Urumqi (URC)Urumqi Airlines (Direct)
Wenzhou (WNZ)Loong Air (Direct)
Xi'an (XIY)Fuzhou Airlines (Direct)
Xiamen (XMN)China Southern (Direct)
Fuzhou Airlines (Direct)
Xining (XNN)West Air (Direct)
Yinchuan (INC)Loong Air (Direct)
Zhuhai (ZUH)Shenzhen Airlines (Direct)