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38 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Varesh Airlines:

From Georgia

Tbilisi (TBS)Imam Khomeini, Tehran (IKA)Directdetails

From Iran

Ahwaz (AWZ)Jeddah (JED)Directdetails
Ahwaz (AWZ)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails
Ahwaz (AWZ)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Bandar Abbas (BND)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Bandar Abbas (BND)Sari (SRY)Directdetails
Bushehr (BUZ)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Chah Bahar (ZBR)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Esfahan (IFN)Al Najaf (NJF)Directdetails
Esfahan (IFN)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails
Esfahan (IFN)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Imam Khomeini, Tehran (IKA)Al Najaf (NJF)Directdetails
Imam Khomeini, Tehran (IKA)Tbilisi (TBS)Directdetails
Kish Island (KIH)Jeddah (JED)Directdetails
Kish Island (KIH)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Kish Island (KIH)Sari (SRY)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Ahwaz (AWZ)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Dushanbe (DYU)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Esfahan (IFN)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Sari (SRY)Directdetails
Mashhad (MHD)Shiraz (SYZ)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Ahwaz (AWZ)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Bandar Abbas (BND)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Bushehr (BUZ)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Chah Bahar (ZBR)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Esfahan (IFN)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Kish Island (KIH)Directdetails
Mehrabad, Tehran (THR)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails
Sari (SRY)Bandar Abbas (BND)Directdetails
Sari (SRY)Kish Island (KIH)Directdetails
Sari (SRY)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails
Shiraz (SYZ)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails

From Iraq

Al Najaf (NJF)Esfahan (IFN)Directdetails
Al Najaf (NJF)Imam Khomeini, Tehran (IKA)Directdetails

From Saudi Arabia

Jeddah (JED)Ahwaz (AWZ)Directdetails
Jeddah (JED)Esfahan (IFN)Directdetails

From Tajikistan

Dushanbe (DYU)Mashhad (MHD)Directdetails