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14 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Sunrise Airways:

From Cuba

Havana (HAV)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails
Santiago de Cuba (SCU)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails

From Dominican Republic

Dr.Joaquin Balaguer, Santo Domingo (JBQ)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails
Las Americas, Santo Domingo (SDQ)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails

From Haiti

Cap-Haitien (CAP)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails
Jeremie (JEE)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails
Les Cayes (CYA)Port-au-Prince (PAP)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Cap-Haitien (CAP)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Dr.Joaquin Balaguer, Santo Domingo (JBQ)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Havana (HAV)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Jeremie (JEE)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Las Americas, Santo Domingo (SDQ)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Les Cayes (CYA)Directdetails
Port-au-Prince (PAP)Santiago de Cuba (SCU)Directdetails