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27 direct and 8 non-direct flights by Rise Air:

From Canada

Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)La Ronge (YVC)Directdetails
Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Saskatoon (YXE)Non-Directdetails
Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Stony Rapids (YSF)Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Non-Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Points North Landing (YNL)Non-Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Saskatoon (YXE)Non-Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Stony Rapids (YSF)Directdetails
La Ronge (YVC)Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Directdetails
Points North Landing (YNL)La Ronge (YVC)Directdetails
Points North Landing (YNL)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
Points North Landing (YNL)Saskatoon (YXE)Directdetails
Points North Landing (YNL)Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)La Ronge (YVC)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)Points North Landing (YNL)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)Saskatoon (YXE)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)Stony Rapids (YSF)Directdetails
Prince Albert (YPA)Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)La Ronge (YVC)Non-Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)Points North Landing (YNL)Non-Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)Stony Rapids (YSF)Non-Directdetails
Saskatoon (YXE)Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Directdetails
Stony Rapids (YSF)Fond-du-Lac (ZFD)Directdetails
Stony Rapids (YSF)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
Stony Rapids (YSF)Saskatoon (YXE)Directdetails
Stony Rapids (YSF)Uranium City (YBE)Directdetails
Uranium City (YBE)Stony Rapids (YSF)Directdetails
Wollaston Lake (ZWL)La Ronge (YVC)Non-Directdetails
Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Points North Landing (YNL)Directdetails
Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Prince Albert (YPA)Directdetails
Wollaston Lake (ZWL)Saskatoon (YXE)Directdetails