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21 direct and 9 non-direct flights by North-Wright Airways:

From Canada

Aklavik (LAK)Inuvik (YEV)Directdetails
Colville Lake (YCK)Fort Good Hope (YGH)Directdetails
Colville Lake (YCK)Inuvik (YEV)Directdetails
Colville Lake (YCK)Norman Wells (YVQ)Non-Directdetails
Colville Lake (YCK)Yellowknife (YZF)Directdetails
Deline (YWJ)Fort Good Hope (YGH)Directdetails
Deline (YWJ)Norman Wells (YVQ)Non-Directdetails
Deline (YWJ)Tulita (ZFN)Directdetails
Deline (YWJ)Yellowknife (YZF)Directdetails
Fort Good Hope (YGH)Colville Lake (YCK)Directdetails
Fort Good Hope (YGH)Deline (YWJ)Directdetails
Fort Good Hope (YGH)Inuvik (YEV)Non-Directdetails
Fort Good Hope (YGH)Norman Wells (YVQ)Directdetails
Fort Good Hope (YGH)Yellowknife (YZF)Directdetails
Inuvik (YEV)Aklavik (LAK)Directdetails
Inuvik (YEV)Colville Lake (YCK)Non-Directdetails
Inuvik (YEV)Fort Good Hope (YGH)Directdetails
Norman Wells (YVQ)Colville Lake (YCK)Non-Directdetails
Norman Wells (YVQ)Deline (YWJ)Directdetails
Norman Wells (YVQ)Fort Good Hope (YGH)Directdetails
Norman Wells (YVQ)Tulita (ZFN)Directdetails
Norman Wells (YVQ)Yellowknife (YZF)Non-Directdetails
Tulita (ZFN)Deline (YWJ)Directdetails
Tulita (ZFN)Norman Wells (YVQ)Directdetails
Tulita (ZFN)Yellowknife (YZF)Non-Directdetails
Yellowknife (YZF)Colville Lake (YCK)Directdetails
Yellowknife (YZF)Deline (YWJ)Directdetails
Yellowknife (YZF)Fort Good Hope (YGH)Directdetails
Yellowknife (YZF)Norman Wells (YVQ)Non-Directdetails
Yellowknife (YZF)Tulita (ZFN)Non-Directdetails