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18 direct and 0 non-direct flights by LASER:

From Dominican Republic

Las Americas, Santo Domingo (SDQ)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails

From Panama

Tocumen, Panama City (PTY)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails

From Venezuela

Barcelona (BLA)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Barcelona (BLA)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)El Vigia (VIG)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)La Fria (LFR)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Las Americas, Santo Domingo (SDQ)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Maracaibo (MAR)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Maturin (MUN)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Porlamar (PMV)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Puerto Ordaz (PZO)Directdetails
Caracas (CCS)Tocumen, Panama City (PTY)Directdetails
El Vigia (VIG)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
La Fria (LFR)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
Maracaibo (MAR)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
Maturin (MUN)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
Porlamar (PMV)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails
Puerto Ordaz (PZO)Caracas (CCS)Directdetails