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22 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Green Africa Airways Limited:

From Nigeria

Abuja (ABV)Akure (AKR)Directdetails
Abuja (ABV)Benin City (BNI)Directdetails
Abuja (ABV)Ilorin (ILR)Directdetails
Abuja (ABV)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Abuja (ABV)Owerri (QOW)Directdetails
Akure (AKR)Abuja (ABV)Directdetails
Akure (AKR)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Benin City (BNI)Abuja (ABV)Directdetails
Benin City (BNI)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Enugu (ENU)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Ilorin (ILR)Abuja (ABV)Directdetails
Ilorin (ILR)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Abuja (ABV)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Akure (AKR)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Benin City (BNI)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Enugu (ENU)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Ilorin (ILR)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Owerri (QOW)Directdetails
Lagos (LOS)Port Harcourt (PHC)Directdetails
Owerri (QOW)Abuja (ABV)Directdetails
Owerri (QOW)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails
Port Harcourt (PHC)Lagos (LOS)Directdetails