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12 direct and 2 non-direct flights by French bee:

From France

Orly, Paris (ORY)Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Directdetails
Orly, Paris (ORY)Miami, FL (MIA)Directdetails
Orly, Paris (ORY)Newark Liberty, New York, NY (EWR)Directdetails
Orly, Paris (ORY)Saint Denis (RUN)Directdetails
Orly, Paris (ORY)San Francisco, CA (SFO)Directdetails
Orly, Paris (ORY)Tahiti (PPT)Non-Directdetails

From French Polynesia

Tahiti (PPT)Orly, Paris (ORY)Non-Directdetails
Tahiti (PPT)San Francisco, CA (SFO)Directdetails

From Reunion

Saint Denis (RUN)Orly, Paris (ORY)Directdetails

From United States

Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Orly, Paris (ORY)Directdetails
Miami, FL (MIA)Orly, Paris (ORY)Directdetails
Newark Liberty, New York, NY (EWR)Orly, Paris (ORY)Directdetails
San Francisco, CA (SFO)Orly, Paris (ORY)Directdetails
San Francisco, CA (SFO)Tahiti (PPT)Directdetails