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Cuiaba airport, Brazil (CGB) location:

Flights from Cuiaba:


Alta Floresta (AFL)Azul (Direct)
Aripuana (AIR)Azul (Direct)
Barra do Garcas (BPG)Azul (Direct)
Belo Horizonte (CNF)Azul (Direct)
Brasilia (BSB)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Cacoal (OAL)Azul (Direct)
Campo Grande (CGR)Azul (Direct)
Congonhas, Sao Paulo (CGH)LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Curitiba (CWB)Azul (Direct)
Goiania (GYN)Azul (Direct)
Guarulhos, Sao Paulo (GRU)Azul (Direct)
Gol (Direct)
LATAM Airlines Group (Direct)
Ji-Parana (JPR)Azul (Direct)
Juina (JIA)Azul (Non-Direct)
Maceio (MCZ)Azul (Direct)
Porto Seguro (BPS)Azul (Direct)
Porto Velho (PVH)Azul (Non-Direct)
Sinop (OPS)Azul (Direct)
Sorriso (SMT)Azul (Direct)
Vilhena (BVH)Azul (Direct)
Viracopos-Campinas, Sao Paulo (VCP)Azul (Direct)