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34 direct and 0 non-direct flights by Calafia Airlines:

From Mexico

Chihuahua (CUU)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Chihuahua (CUU)Los Mochis (LMM)Directdetails
Ciudad Obregon (CEN)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Culiacan (CUL)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Culiacan (CUL)Loreto (LTO)Directdetails
Guadalajara (GDL)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Guadalajara (GDL)Los Mochis (LMM)Directdetails
Hermosillo (HMO)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Chihuahua (CUU)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Ciudad Obregon (CEN)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Culiacan (CUL)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Guadalajara (GDL)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Hermosillo (HMO)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Loreto (LTO)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Los Mochis (LMM)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Mazatlan (MZT)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Puerto Penasco (PPE)Directdetails
La Paz (LAP)Tijuana (TIJ)Directdetails
Loreto (LTO)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Loreto (LTO)Los Mochis (LMM)Directdetails
Loreto (LTO)Mazatlan (MZT)Directdetails
Loreto (LTO)Puerto Penasco (PPE)Directdetails
Loreto (LTO)Tijuana (TIJ)Directdetails
Los Mochis (LMM)Chihuahua (CUU)Directdetails
Los Mochis (LMM)Guadalajara (GDL)Directdetails
Los Mochis (LMM)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Los Mochis (LMM)Tijuana (TIJ)Directdetails
Mazatlan (MZT)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Puerto Penasco (PPE)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Puerto Penasco (PPE)Loreto (LTO)Directdetails
Puerto Penasco (PPE)Tijuana (TIJ)Directdetails
Tijuana (TIJ)La Paz (LAP)Directdetails
Tijuana (TIJ)Loreto (LTO)Directdetails
Tijuana (TIJ)Puerto Penasco (PPE)Directdetails